“Visibly effective and durable treatments sought after by an ever larger and more loyal clientele, an elegant collection of Haute Parfumerie and a foundation created to preserve, protect and defend beauty: welcome to the wonders of Valmont.
From a cellular cosmetics clinic to a world-renowned brand, from the vision of a singular beauty which reveals the interior harmony of each one, from a selection of fragrances to the opening of a House of Fragrances in a
Venetian palace… follow my creative zeal, my dedicated decisions and my fervent battle for quality without compromise,”

Sophie Vann Guillon
CEO of Valmont

  • Valmont, Magicien du temps
  • l’Elixir des Glaciers, Because beauty deserves a master piece
  • Storie Veneziane by Valmont, The Art of Perfume
  • Fondation Valmont, Laboratory for the expression of art and beauty



Sophie Vann Guillon and Didier Guillon have led Valmont for more than 20 years, working together to shape the identity and development of each Maison. Mentors, ambassadors, Pygmalions, initiators and managers… they dialogue, debate and create, all in a spirit of mutual esteem, purposefully pursuing a shared passion.

Sophie oversees all aspects of product creation, supervises marketing and communication and manages international press relations, guided by her intuition, experience and commitment.

Didier shares his aesthetic vision and draws from his passion for art to sublimate exceptional formulas by creating refined packaging designs in ultra-limited editions. The alliance of art and beauty is the inspiration behind the brand’s primary motto: When art meets beauty



Born from a clinic nestled in the heart of Switzerland’s resource-rich mountains, Valmont’s cosmetic expertise has been instilled intol’Elixir des Glaciers while remaining true to its medical legacy.

The values of discipline and ethical conduct, together with the group’s unwavering commitment to consistent quality for an international clientele, inspire confidence and devotion to the brand’s various Maisons. In less than a generation, Valmont has grown from 11 products to over 100 spectacular

treatments, encapsulating a vision of international renown in more than 50 countries and nearly 1,800 highly selective points of sale…

The founding principles behind this exponential success perpetuate an exceptional brand of savoirfaire: professional aesthetics. Drawing from nature’s myriad resources, exalted by the prestige of cutting-edge cellular cosmetics, Valmont creates products and SPA treatments that offer an intense densifying effect, visible to the naked eye.

Convinced that the singular beauty of each person lies in his or her inner harmony, Sophie strives to cultivate excellence in order to reveal his or her radiance through each development. In particular, she has a soft spot for professional treatments and the expertise of seasoned beauticians who guide each client in her quest for radiance.
Exclusive protocols, complemented by magnificent day-to-day beauty routines, guarantee results. The skin is regenerated, healthy, transformed. The « wow effect » by Valmont.

For a comprehensive approach to beauty, perfume creation stands out as an essential component, a source of refinement and seduction… with roots in Italy, the historic cradle of Haute Parfumerie. Housed in a Venetian palace that serves as the headquarters of Fondation Valmont, an institution created to promote art in all its forms, this Maison de Parfums embodies the group’s commitment to beauty without borders.



The Valmont brand, the group’s founding heritage, transforms the skin into a dazzling exhibit of beauty, at any age, in any environment. Acclaimed as the foremost cosmetic expert of the decade, Valmont remains ever true to its roots and its values. 100% Swiss, its worldrenowned effectiveness stems from the exclusive union of preserved natural resources and scientific prestige.

I – History

The name Valmont, a union of the words “valley” and “mountain,” dates from 1905 with the establishment of the Valmont Clinic on the banks of Lake Geneva. The Clinic, a groundbreaking destination for hydrotherapy treatments, catered to the grandees of High Society: Rainer Maria Rilke, Georges Simenon, Ingrid Bergman, Coco Chanel and others.

In the early 1980s, the establishment repositioned itself as the first Swiss clinic to specialize in cosmetic surgery. At the same time, Dr. Nadja Avalle, working together with top cosmetologists, created a line of exclusive products made from the most active molecules… Valmont products were born, combining native collagen and HP DNA, and luxuriously packaged in charming opaline jars with green accents… recalling the surgical scrubs of yesteryear.

II – Mastery

Valmont understands that lasting beauty requires healthy skin. Gone are the days of artificial, textbook beauty… under thick layers of makeup. Today’s look is genuine: the skin sheds its mask, breathes free, owns its imperfections… and draws its radiance from unconventional treatments.

Pioneering use of unique ingredients and patented technologies makes for extremely pure formulas, heightening their natural dynamism for stunningly healthy skin.

Glacier spring water, drawn from the Swiss mountains, perfectly balanced and rich in minerals: this water promotes tissue exchanges and vitalizes skin cell metabolism.



The ultimate expression of savoir-faire from Valmont laboratories, l’Elixir des Glaciers has embodied everyday luxury since 2001. Thirteen exceptional formulas that bridge the gap between flora, fauna and the epitome of Swiss cosmetic technology, all in a spirit of utmost luxury.

I – History

Formulated as the Romanée-Conti of cosmetics, l’Elixir des Glaciers was originally an exceptional product available only under certain conditions. Twenty years later, driven forward by its success, it earned the status of a full-fledged brand.

The key to this triumph? Natural and noble active ingredients further enhanced by science, for three product lines, each with distinct ambitions… and immediate results, completed by foundation products in which glamour meets skincare efficacy.…

Three collections rooted in the three key elements of nature: earth, air and water.

II – Mastery

The Precious collection, lifting anti-aging
The crowning glory of plants. This product line combines the iconic Valmont trio (Triple DNA liposomed, RNA and glacial spring water) with a selection of natural plant extracts, cultivated by the brand in its Phyto-Alpine garden, located in the heart of the Swiss Alps.



The creative apex

Storie Veneziane, “Venetian Stories,” embodies Valmont’s commitment to perfume, which comes to life in Venice… as a tribute to the artistic flamboyance of the city: a genuine bubble, preserved from reality and world’s tribulations, where only talent and artistic expression counts…

The place where two distinct know-hows meet, mingle and clink: Didier, multifaceted artist and Sophie, relentless creator of innovative formulas. From this love of art is born a collection of perfumes, based in the Group’s palace dedicated to universal beauty, headquarters of Fondation Valmont.

Three original collections, edited by Sophie:

Tales of fragrances Storie Veneziane, seven opulent and distinguished perfume extracts,

Olfactory homages Collezione Privata, four feminine and authentic eaux de parfum,

Aromatic emotions Palazzo Nobile, seven delicate and crystalline eaux de toilette.



Present today in more than 50 countries through only 1,800 select retailers, the Group continues to expand in a spirit of perfect harmony, favoring networks that embrace the personality of the different brands.

Perfumeries and urban SPAs

Valmont’s traditional distribution network, perfumeries and urban SPAs remain privileged partners worldwide to showcase the Group’s brands on a daily basis. This strategy, a longstanding tradition to which the Group remains loyal, ensures close proximity between customers and the Group.

Valmont SPAs

The Valmont SPA experience goes beyond the world of cosmetic treatments to offer a sensory space beyond the boundaries of time. The Spa by Valmont in Hong Kong is a true haven of sensory pleasure, meticulously decorated with works of art dear to Didier. Renowned five-star hotels and palaces, such as La Messardière in Saint Tropez, The Four Seasons in Tokyo or The Bel Air in Los Angeles, have given Valmont carte blanche to enhance the unique experience of these exceptional places so prized by their clients.

Department Stores

The Valmont SPA experience goes beyond the world of cosmetic treatments to offer a sensory space beyond the boundaries of time. The Spa by Valmont in Hong Kong is a true haven of sensory pleasure, meticulously decorated with works of art dear to Didier. Renowned five-star hotels and palaces, such as La Messardière in Saint Tropez, The Four Seasons in Tokyo or The Bel Air in Los Angeles, have given Valmont carte blanche to enhance the unique experience of these exceptional places so prized by their clients.



Created in 2015 to bear witness to the group’s artistic commitment, Fondation Valmont undertakes to promote art in all its forms, with due regard for the values and opportunities embodied by its parent company: quality, aesthetic appeal, generosity and sustainability.

I – History

From the very beginnings of the group, Didier refused to be quarantined within the borders of cosmetics, and thus worked to build bridges with the art world. Mission accomplished in 2015 with the creation of Fondation Valmont to highlight the quality and diversity of his many projects.

In 2019, this international institution put down permanent roots in Venice, in a striking 16th century Renaissance-style mansion: le Palazzo Bonvicini.

II – Les Creations

Complementing passion and emotion with a curator’s search for authenticity, Didier Guillon adapts and applies his aesthetic vision in a spirit of excellence: inspired by the vibrancy of the works in his collections, he creates limited-edition packaging designs, bespoke vessels to hold exceptional formulas. The goal of combining Art and Beauty comes out with power and precision. Didier enthusiastically executes the creative missions assigned to him by Sophie, CEO of Valmont.



The values inherent in La Maison Valmont – art and beauty – are enriched today with a third concept that reflects the golden rule of the Group’s owner and driving force, the Guillon family: hospitality. Four Résidences, four iconic venues, four unique treasures: Verbier, Hydra, Venice, Barcelona.

“When Art and Beauty meet Hospitality”

Each Résidence makes a commitment, designed by Didier Guillon’s expert eye with full deference to the authenticity of the space.

The Résidences are named after the Guillon children: Chalet Capucine in Verbier, Villa Valentine in Hydra and Casa Maxence in Barcelona. The Venetian Résidence preserves the name of the first family to own the Palazzo: Résidence Bonvicini.

An exclusive experience

Guests of the Valmont brand can discover each Résidence while participating in activities suited to the particular location: creative workshops, cultural tours, discovering beauty care rituals and many more pastimes reserved for select participants.

Valmont is taking its first steps in the field of hospitality, ensuring that each of these four Résidences is steeped in art, emotion and family spirit



Didier Guillon, Art lover-in-chief

The life story of Didier Guillon, President of Valmont, revolves around constant dialogue between art and cosmetics….

A descendant of a Viennese gallery owner, Didier was brought up in the world of cosmetics under the guidance of his father, co-founder of the Mustela brand in 1953. Father and son shared a penchant for art in all its forms, visiting exhibitions the world over.

Didier joined the family group Expanscience in late 1980, further developing his knowledge of cosmetics and continuing to feed his passion for art. On a trip to Switzerland in 1991 to study the acquisition of the Valmont brand, he sensed the Maison’s potential, closed the deal, moved to the shores of Lake Geneva and set the stage for today’s exponential growth.

Perpetuating an age-old family tradition in a new setting – Fondation Valmont – Didier has built up a collection that can be seen by clients of La Maison Valmont as well as friends within Les Résidences Valmont. Influenced by 1960s American minimalism, particularly Sol Lewitt, this collection has grown to include treasured artists such as Jane Lebesque, Quentin Garell and Silvano Rubino.

Didier’s heartfelt artistic fellowship with the Artigas* family prompted construction work carried out with Isao in Les Maisons Valmont and Les Résidences Valmont locations.

Family traditions are deep-rooted in the Guillon family: Maxence has joined his father at the Fondation, and will be taking over as President in January 2022. Before pursuing a law degree in England, followed by an MBA, Maxence volunteered with the WWF in Thailand and with Raleigh International in Tanzania. A passionate devotee of modern art, he brings a new and critical perspective when it comes to choosing the artists** that will enrich the Fondation Valmont collections, as well as those making up the extremely exclusive catalogue for Venetian exhibitions.