The Body RX – Scottsdale TRX Training Method

The Evolution of The Body RX – TRX Training Method

I had a harsh awakening the day I learned that the debilitating pain I had begun experiencing in my hip at the age of 40 was a result of my cartilage being completely worn away, and that I needed a total hip replacement. My surgeon explained that this resulted from congenital dysplasia: in layman’s terms misalignment,- the balls of my hip joints were not seated properly in the sockets, and after 40 years of grinding one side was already bone on bone. Suddenly a light went on in my head as I recalled how my feet always turned out instead of pointing ahead when I stood or walked, and I fully realized the severity of my failure to correct my poor alignment and postural habits.

An avid exerciser my whole life, I turned to cycling to minimize further impact on my joints, having been told I would need to have my other hip replaced as well before much longer. My interest in cycling led to the opening of this studio in 2011, where I began offering TRX as cross -training for my cycling clients to build the core strength they needed to ride. The more I worked with clients on the TRX, I realized that many had their own physical limitations (be it shoulder, knee, hip or back problems) which I could see had resulted from their own misalignments.

I began to focus on developing exercises using the suspension trainer to help my clients (re)learn proper body mechanics while they exercised, and found that not only did their posture and alignment improve, but their strength improved very rapidly as well. I myself was thrilled to learn upon follow-up examination with my surgeon that, after only two years of focusing on my alignment-based exercise methods, my other arthritic hip which had been slated for replacement was completely healed, with no trace of arthritis remaining.

In 2016, I turned my focus exclusively to my TRX suspension training method with The Body RX: a hybrid of fitness training and physio- therapy, in order to teach others how to heal their bodies through proper body mechanics and alignment as well.