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The Body RX – Scottsdale TRX Training Center

TRX training to improve flexibility and mobility

The Body RX is my fitness method for optimizing movement and performance through a series of alignment focused exercises. Performing these exercises with the TRX suspension trainer assists both in identifying existing muscle imbalances as well as in synthesizing the new neuromuscular patterns necessary to correct those imbalances.  This empowering method allows you to take charge of your health by preventing and correcting joint pain and its complications all while improving your overall fitness.

What Makes This Studio Different?

Scottsdale's best TRX workout

The Body Rx provides much more than a great workout. While you will tone muscles and burn calories, my specialized TRX training method will improve your ability to fully engage your muscles properly and correct any faulty movement patterns you have developed that are resulting in the aches and pains you have likely attributed to part of getting older.

My Scottsdale studio space was designed and engineered specifically for this cutting-edge TRX suspension training program. With built-in overhead anchor points, cushioned, anti-bacterial sport flooring, mirrored walls to check form, and plenty of natural light, my suspension training studio provides a comfortable and upscale environment for your workout.

The studio provides a private shower and changing areas, lockable (BYO lock) cubbies for your personal items, filtered water (please bring your own bottle!) and complimentary towel service.

Andrea Jones – Founder / Instructor

Andrea Jones - Founder and Instructor

Andrea received her bachelor’s degree from Stanford University, and a J.D. from UCLA. She practiced securities law in San Francisco and Palo Alto before moving to Arizona and starting a family.  Following her lifelong passion for health and fitness, she opened Forza Power Training Studios (pronounced “fort-za”, Italian for strength/power) in 2011 to offer cutting-edge power-based cycling training to the Scottsdale community.

Since that time, Andrea has developed a unique expertise in functional strength and mobility training utilizing the TRX suspension training system. She has found the TRX to be an ideal tool for helping clients learn to engage muscles that are not functioning to potential (commonly referred to as “muscle imbalances”) which occurs when improper movement patterns have been ingrained and unintended muscles are working to compensate for an under-functioning muscle.

“By learning how to properly engage the intended muscle through series of exercises performed in various planes of motion, my clients are able to realign their bodies, healing previous injuries and preventing future ones, in addition to making significant gains in strength very quickly.” Andrea Jones, Founder