TRX Training

Personal and Small Group TRX Training

Small Group TRX Training Class

Personal training sessions allow me to really focus on YOU, to evaluate your body mechanics and select exercises that will be the most effective to meet your goals and correct any imbalances that you may have.  These sessions are scheduled at your convenience, so are also ideal for those whose lives don’t accommodate typical class schedules.  This is also the best choice for anyone with physical limitations that would prevent them from transitioning easily between exercises performed standing and those done lying on the floor or on their knees. Appointments for personal training and private TRX training classes should be made by calling me directly at (480) 559-0945.

  • $50/hour for individual training
  • $60/hour for you and a friend training together
  • $450 for a package of 10 individual sessions (buy 9, get the 10th session free)
  • $540 for a package of 10 two-person sessions (buy 9, get the 10th session free)

Personal training packages are good for 6 months from the date of first use.

My small group TRX sessions are 60 minute full-body strength workouts, with exercises customized to ensure that every muscle group in your body is working to potential, with extra attention devoted to correcting any areas that are not.  Focus is on full activation of the core, with emphasis on proper body mechanics and execution of movement while maintaining alignment. Class size limited to 4 participants.  These Small Group sessions are ideal for those seeking camaraderie and cost effectiveness while still providing detailed instruction.

  • $20 per session, with no monthly commitment
  • $18 per session, with a commitment of 5-9 sessions per month and
  • $15 per session, with a commitment of 10 or more sessions per month

Cash or check only