Classes and Pricing


Similar to yoga and Pilates, a workout at The Body RX simultaneously builds full-body strength, flexibility, balance and core power, with all movement emanating from the core. However, our training method improves on yoga and Pilates because our use of the TRX suspension trainer helps you identify the proper muscle to be worked and prevents use of “helper” muscles to compensate for target muscle weakness. For this reason, it does not take many repetitions of an exercise before the targeted muscle is worked to exhaustion, allowing you to see results very quickly, often in as few as five sessions.

Because we strive to tailor each session to the clients in attendance, results are greatly enhanced by starting with a one-on-one personal training session and assessment. This provides you with an introduction to our TRX suspension training program and allows us to understand any physical limitations you are experiencing as well as to identify any muscular imbalances that should be addressed in devising an effective exercise program for you. From there you can decide whether you would like to continue with personal training sessions, or if you would prefer a small group training environment, we can recommend which of our class offerings would best suit your needs.