HIIT Cycling +TRX

Small Group Training – HIIT Cycling + TRX

Power Reboot training class - HIIT cycling

These Small Group Training Classes combine 30 minutes of HIIT cycling (high-intensity interval training) on specialized indoor cycles with 30 minutes of TRX training for a very intense full-body workout. The cycling portion of the class is designed to increase your production of human growth hormone and switch your metabolism to fat burning for at least two hours following the workout. Attend 2 -3 classes per week to accelerate fat loss while getting a cardiovascular benefit equivalent to 5 hour-long cardio classes. Due to the cardiovascular intensity of the cycling portion of this class, these sessions are not appropriate for anyone who has not already established an aerobic fitness base.

  • $20 per session, drop-in
  • $90 for a package of 5 sessions ($18/session)
  • $150 for a package of 10 sessions ($15/session)

Small Group Training packages are good for 6 months from the date of first use.

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