Strength + Flexibility = Power

Flexibility training and proper body alignment are too often of low priority for athletes and the rest of us in general. Unfortunately, loss of flexibility equates to limited range of motion, and for the athlete, loss of power. The body cannot maximally contract a muscle to gain full power if it is unable to fully extend the opposing muscle group. Over time, the failure to maintain full range of motion can result in improper alignment, leading to joint problems, most commonly in the knees, shoulders and hips. These problems can be ameliorated or prevented entirely by engaging in functional fitness training techniques, like our TRX suspension training workouts.

At The Body RX, our TRX suspension training method provides the ultimate in functional fitness training by building strength utilizing just your own body weight, while simultaneously increasing flexibility, and promoting full-range of motion. As such, it provides both rehabilitative as well as injury-preventative benefits to everyone, all while providing a full-body workout tailored to your current fitness level.

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