The Myth of the Fat Burning Zone

fat burning

For years now, we’ve all heard that the best way to lose weight is by slogging through hours of exercise in your so-called “fat burning zone.” But did you know that you can get just as effective a workout for your cardiovascular system, while burning more fat and increasing lean muscle mass, by engaging in just three 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions? Even more than you would by engaging in 5 hour-long sessions of sustained aerobic activity?

Researchers have found that, when HIIT is done at the proper intensity and for the proper length of time, it causes your body to release over 500% more Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for at least 2 hours post-exercise. This hormone is sometimes referred to as the internal fountain of youth, as it promotes fat burning, increases lean muscle mass and strengthens your immune system. Because our HGH levels begin to decline significantly after the age of 30, athletes and celebrities have been known to seek out expensive HGH injections to reap these benefits. However, you can get them naturally by engaging in HIIT sessions just 2-3 times per week.

At Forza Studios we have developed the optimal method for maximizing the benefits of HIIT on our power-meter equipped indoor bikes. Using all the latest research, our 30-minute HIIT cycling sessions are carefully designed to maximize your HGH release while minimizing impact on your joints, due to the non-impact nature of cycling. Because our bikes measure the intensity of your intervals (in watts) there is no guessing whether you are working at the proper intensity,- you can actually see yourself get stronger. Our clients see marked improvement in their overall fitness in as little as two weeks.